Here we find out more about Nick’s personal likes and dislikes……

Q: What’s your favorite food?
Nick: Bacon cheese burgers!  Living in NYC there is no shortage of places to get great burgers! Gotta be cooked medium rare with loads of fries!  Another favorite would have to be veal with cream, brandy, wine and mushrooms with sauté potatoes and zucchini fritti. I’m also a bit of a choc-o-holic!

Q: Favorite drink?
Nick: G&T but it has to be Gordon’s Gin, Schwepps Tonic and a slice of lime with tons of ice. Very particular about G&T. Also I love Lanson Champagne!

Q: Favorite place to eat?
Nick: There’s a really nice little restaurant called Pagani on Bleeker Street in Lower Manhattan. They have an amazing brunch every weekend.

Q: What do you drive?
Nick: Well, I have 2 cars but my favorite mode of transport is my Honda 650 Deauville motorbike!

Q: Ever gone over the speed limit?

Nick: No Officer, erm Never!

Q: What was your best radio show?
Nick: I don’t know, ask my bosses! I have had so much fun on the radio and have been able to do some pretty crazy stunts while on air. I landed a 747 aircraft, drove the fastest computerized train, the oldest steam train, drove a racing car round Brands Hatch circuit, stayed in haunted manor houses, and so much more all live on the radio. I do get to have fun!

Q: What was your best television show?
Nick: Well it wasn’t the best but the one I am most proud of was playing the piano live on Christmas Eve when I was 12 years old on BBC1 across the UK. The audience was in excess of 13 million people and I still have the press cuttings to prove it!

Q: Who’s your favorite actress?
Nick: Too many to mention but I guess possibly Jaime Pressly – she’s such a talented actress and was so good as Joy in “My Name Is Earl” or Amber Tamblyn (Detective Casey Shraeger) in The Unusuals. She also appeared in the last two seasons of Two And A Half Men.

Q: …..and actor?
Nick: Jean Reno – he was brilliant in The Professional (aka Leon in the UK)

Q: Favorite color?
Nick: Blue

Q: What would you say is your best attribute?
Nick: I didn’t know I had one! Ask someone else and let me know!

Q: What do you watch on television?
Nick: One of the best new shows on TV is The Mysteries of Laura starring Debra Messing.  Sadly some of may favorite shows have either been canceled or ended by the networks.

Q: Do you have a favorite movie?
Nick: I have three. “The Professional” (which I think was called “Leon” in the UK) is excellent. I also like “Pulp Fiction” but generally watch comedies. One of the funniest films ever made was “Nightshift” which is about a couple of guys who run an escort agency from a morgue! It’s very hard to get hold of but I was lucky enough to get a copy in a small hidden video store in The Village in New York.

Q: What’s your favorite city in the world?
Nick: New York – it’s just so alive!

Q: Likes?
Nick: I love technology and gadgets like the latest smart phones and iPads. I am a huge fan of Apple. I recently changed the whole lighting system in our home so all the lights are operated from my iPhone or iPad! You can dim them or even change the colors so the rooms always look different!

Q: Dislikes?
Nick: People being rude or impolite and drivers who don’t wave “thanks” when you let them go ahead of you. Oh and New York cab drivers who just stop in the middle of the road in Manhattan….. unless I am the one trying to get in a cab!!!!!

Q: Have you ever done anything embarrassing on the radio?
Nick: Only once! I had a caller live on-air and she sounded really nice. During the conversation we were talking about the fact that we, (all my colleagues at the radio station), were going out that night. I invited her to join us. She replied “I’d love to but I don’t think my Mum would like it”. I asked why and she said “’cause I’m only 14”!!!!

Q: Hobbies
Nick: I don’t have much spare time but I do like photography. I’m also a big movie fan and I love flying. A friend and I used to fly from Denham Airport near London.

Q: Do you have a favorite album of all time?
Nick: Yes. I guess one of the all time best albums has to be the classic “Songs In The Key Of Life” by Stevie Wonder.

Q: Are there any recent artists that really stand out for you?
Nick: I think the music scene has suffered for a while with a lot of pretty dull songs which people will never remember in 10 years time. However there’s a lot of great talent out there now like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith and it’s good to see guys like Pharrell Williams and Mark Ronson who, for years have been making hits of other people, putting out their own material. I am also a huge fan of Ariana Grande. She is so talented and has the most amazing voice. Apart from her own albums, she has recorded songs for movies and even a duet with Andrea Bocelli.

Q: How many songs do you have on your iPhone? And what are some of your favorites?
Nick: Oh over 30,000 I think! Favorites? Now that’s a really tough question. I like so much music (and different genres of music) and I tend to listen to things depending on what mood I’m in.

Q: And finally give us a list 10 songs you really like and tell us why you like them
Nick: Ok here we go (in no particular order…..)

1. Bill Withers “Lovely Day”. It’s a timeless song that always makes you feel good even if it’s raining and you’re fed up!

2. Brenda Russell “Walking In New York”. Brenda hasn’t had a hit for some years in the UK, but this song is brilliant and came out in the mid 90’s.
3. Euge Groove “Get ‘Em Goin”. It’s a really funky jazzy track. Euge was born Steven EUGEne GROVE and he is a brilliant saxophonist.

4. Sting’s “Fields of Gold” or “Brand New Day”. I really like these songs but it’s hard to choose just one or two of his – he’s made so many great ones. It’s strange choosing Sting because I was never a big fan of The Police!

5. “Lowdown” by Boz Scaggs is timeless. I saw him live in New York a few years ago and the live in London
2 weeks later. He was surprised!

6. Gerry Rafferty “Baker Street”. It still sounds a good today as when it came out.

7. John Lee Hooker “The Healer” – brilliant song featuring Santana on guitar!

8. Norah Jones “Don’t Know Why”. I had played this song on the radio hundreds of times before I really noticed the lyrics as the music is so good. Then one day it hit me just how great this song really is.

9. “This Boy” by Tom Baxter is a great song. It should’ve been a massive hit. Brilliant arrangement and great vocals & lyrics. Why didn’t people buy it as this guy deserves to be a big star.

10. Seal with “Kiss From A Rose”. I wish I written this song myself. The arrangement and multi-track vocals are just genius!

I could go on and on and on…..

Thanks Nick!

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